Full article by Casey Murray at The Sacramento Observer

Brown Sugar Davis can’t help but make every house a home, even if that house is two tents fused by insulation.

She has been unhoused for a few years, but it has done nothing to change her instincts as a homemaker. Out front, she has set up a neat array of plant stands and Christmas decorations. Inside, photos of her loved ones hang on the walls. Everything is clean and orderly.

“I was just raised up like that. It’s still in my bones,” she said of the care she takes in creating a comfortable home.

Now in her 60s, Davis raised five children with her late husband, who died in 2009. She still tears up when she thinks of him. He took care of her, and life without him has been difficult.

Now, the $1,200 she gets in widower benefits makes up the majority of her income. It’s not even close to enough to afford housing in Sacramento County, where the average rent is $1,625.

Davis said getting some kind of affordable housing is the only way she’ll be able to get off the streets.

Full article by Casey Murray at The Sacramento Observer