In 2022, Solving Sacramento launched two initiatives: solutions to affordable housing and solutions to rebooting the arts. We are raising money for resources to help us produce these stories.

Affordable housing in Sacramento

We begin our collaboration with a focus on affordable housing after multiple surveys show that residents of Sacramento see a shortage of affordable housing as the area’s No. 1 problem and as the best response to the related problem of homelessness. A simple statistic is illuminating: According to the 2020 census, the population of the metro area grew by 11.7% but the housing stock only increased by 5.7%. 

Our solutions reporting starts with you. We will survey both building developers and community members for their understanding of causes and solutions to the lack of affordable housing. We will survey cities in the metro area to determine how many residential units are being built in our communities. These surveys will provide us with a baseline to measure the impact of our reporting.

Rebooting the Sacramento arts scene

The arts play a key role in Sacramento. From public art to paid concerts, the arts promote civic and social engagement, and stimulate business and economic growth. COVID set back the arts community tremendously. A 2021 survey by the City of Sacramento shows that arts organizations lost attendance of nearly 1.7 million and experienced a financial loss of roughly $40 million since the start of the pandemic. Of those surveyed, 46% cut salaries and 37% laid off staff.

Arts organizations clearly need more financial support. However, the pandemic also provided an opportunity for arts organizations to rethink their businesses. We will look at arts organizations that have refashioned themselves in response to the pandemic, and examine how these efforts can provide solutions for other organizations.